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Native Ad Formats

Engaging Native ads that clearly convey a message to the target audience.
Native Ads Specification

Native Ads

Native ads are ads formatted to fit the surrounding content and visual design, making them more likely to be viewed and clicked by users.
All creatives should have the following elements:
  1. The Domain/Site: where your native ad can run, not part of the native ad specs
  2. Image:
    • The image for native ads should not contain any text overlay.
    • Recommend all sizes: 1200x 627, 600 x 600 pixels.
    • Accept JPG and PNG files.
    • Optimal file size is 750 KB.
    • High resolution creative Minimum: 72 pixels per inch Recommended: 144 pixels per inch.
  3. Headline: Headline Maximum of 55 characters, minimum of 5 characters, including spaces.
  4. Body: Body Maximum of 120 characters, minimum of 5 characters, including spaces.
  5. Brand logo: Appears on a transparent background. Recommend 300 x 300 pixels.