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Audience Targeting

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Ad360Global Custom Segments

Custom Segments

Audience segments in ad360Global can be tailored to find hyper-relevent users for your brand across the sites and apps.
  • Target people reading about a particular topic or competitor on the web.
  • Target people during and after their visit to a particular physical location.
  • Target people on devices associated with a particular IP Address.
  • Target people using mobile devices.
  • Target people by internet service provider (ISP).
  • Target contacts from a CRM list you upload.
  • Intersect any audience with another.
Ad360Global Cross-Device Capabilities

Cross-Device Capabilities

The Ad360global user identify consists of 3 points of identification: cookie, deviceID and residential IP.
  • Audience Intersection: Layer any crowd from a data source, including 3rd party audiences from a data partner and 1st party CRM lists.
  • Multi Channel: Target and retarget people using native, display, video, connected TV (CTV), and audio across all of these formats.
  • Attribution: Conversions, foot traffic, and brand sentiment can all be attributed across a variety of platforms. Track online transactions that come from a CTV or audio ad on a desktop or mobile device.

Our Targeting

Accelerate your targeting strategies with self-service audiences.

1st Party Targeting

Onboard your collected 1st-party data.

3rd-Party Targeting

Use segments from our 3rd-party data partners.

Browsing Audience

Create a one-of-a-kind Custom Segment based on content consumption relevant to your brand or competition.

Lookalike Audiences

Tag users with a pixel or upload CRM 1st party data to target individuals exhibiting the same behaviour.